Fri, Jul 24 2020 - Red Top Iron Hill Trail / Ghost Campground (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Rocky M, Sherrie G, Evy, Michelle D, Shirley N, Joyce T., Nancy L, Silvia B

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Write Up:

We had a great mix of hiking, history and wildlife viewing on our hike on the Iron Hill trails of Red Top Mountain State Park.  We started out on the main loop in a clockwise direction.  Shortly after getting started we already encountered areas disturbed by the mining operations including waste piles and excavated banks.  We walked into one of the ore mines and marveled at the steep, high mine banks.  Then we proceeded out towards the peninusla where the remnants of an old campground that operated in the area until the late 1970s was located.  We poked around the various campsites and abandoned bathouses. 

We returned to the main loop and continued our trek before a short bushwhack to the lightly used central trail.  We walked along the edge of the Old Crow Ore Bank mine which extended for perhaps 900 yards in length and approximately 120 feet deep.  We returned to the main Iron Hill loop and completed our 6.2 mile hike in 2.5 hours.  ~  Holt