Sat, Aug 22 2020 - Cohutta Wilderness Mountain Loop Hike. No Carpool! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R, Steve H
Participants:Chuck R, Steve H, Steve T, Karen S

Write Up:
I'm gonna start with weather first, it is a big deciding factor out there! We only caught a shower on the last leg of the hike. Jack's River almost at normal depth, just up to the knees. Personally if it was 2" inches higher, it would have caused a problem. (trekking poles most definitely) The 2016 fire is still showing its terrible scarrs... standing dead everywhere but it gave us some outstanding views. Remember we were on Ridges for 90% of the hike! There are very little signs of anything that relates to a trail - no blaze, the junction signs are rotting. The junction for Hickory Ridge at East Cowpen is nothing but weeds. (your landmark will be a campsite) The Forest road was mostly smooth until we started climbing near the Trailhead due to the steepness which caused washouts. This is a hike ( in my opinion) that will take a low number of strong, well experienced off trail hikers. I'm gonna stay with the summer into early fall for long daylight and warm temps for this hike suggesting long pants and a long sleeve shirt. You will be soaked the first 5 minutes into the hike and stay wet through the entire hike. I will also start a little earlier with the time. These Trails had teeth - we all felt like we went through a meat grinder. Being in the front, your eyes are glued to the path... not trail. If you blink your eyes you will miss it!!! Thanks for Steve Hancock as co - leader and maybe Raymond Stewart will join us the next time; YUP NEXT Time.