Wed, Aug 19 2020 - New Route - East Palisades--Creek, Figure 8 Loop (Whitewater Creek Entrance) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Joyce T., Michelle D, Anusha, Lee W, Shirley W, Neil, Ryleigh Reinhard, Dawn B

Write Up:
WHEN JOYCE SAYS RUN ; YOU RUN! You know for these little local Forest hikes... things can really head a little South! Got on a game trail at the top end of the loop and missed the Rangers Cabin - at least I know now where that path trail goes now. Got into a Hornets swarm at a precarious spot. It was a narrow trail - left side Creek - right side steep hill and in the front a group of dog walkers. By the the time we started to pass; the hornets had enough! Joyce immediately gives the call to run and don't stop running! Then it began - the sounds of hornets triumphing and the yells started... hikers echoing through the forest.....probably treeing every squirrel for a mile. The front took off ... I witnessed how nimble Joyce can really be. I have mentioned this before on past hikes. Learning now from Joyce, you have to really keep running. ( estimate about size of a football field ) We got boxed in and ran into the dog walkers - with the pheromone scent still in check... the dog walkers got hit also. ( we brought the hornets with us ) Leashes were flying, dogs scrambling and the walkers were playing the blame game. The rear calmly walked up with a saunter with no despair because they saw everything and went around? Luckily we had Ryleigh on the hike ( EMT) . Broke out the med kit and set up triage on the number of hikers with the upper body stings. Another day in the woods.