Thu, Aug 13 2020 - Blue Mountain: Georgia AT 4000 footer (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Leigh B, Gary 'L'
Participants:Gary 'L', Leigh B, Marty E, Jim Barker, Pam M, Pete

Write Up:

What a lucky crew we were today. With a growing chance of rain from 30% to 70%, we completely avoided rain until the last 20 yards of the hike. Amazing! 6 hikers scaled the 4000 footer and continued on for 7 miles. We then retraced our steps and took a little side jaunt to show Pete (our newest AOC friend) where the Chattahoochee river begins. We were all astounded by the small drip, drip, drip and nothing else. So we went back to the trail with its temperate climate (for August)  and slight breeze - really. We saw Turk Lily's and other wildflowers and even an area where wild boar had been churning soil for underground treats. This weekday D5 was really a treat.