Wed, Aug 26 2020 - The Silver Comet Trail via Heritage Trail - Waterfalls, Mills and more! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Claudia, Michelle D, Judy, Joyce T., Belinda, Jean, Evy, Rocky M, Mike A

Write Up:
SLIPPERY WHEN WET!! Had a number of new faces on this hike. I still think it's the Joyce effect! I truly think this is where the meat of the hikers are. It's good hiking with these folks! Started the hike out with a slippery trail... clay on a down hill and foot boards with a mildew film on it. It was similar to an ice effect. No problem for this group, I actually saw some of them skating on it with their trekking poles. Nickajack Creek had good flow due to the previous night rain. Timing is everything on the trail. Pace was good... this is a trail where speed can be picked up - only if we have a solid group. If not, I will keep the rear in check and let the front take off. We got a visit from the bees again, several of us got hit..... Oh - If you want photos from the paparazzi be candid!