Sun, Aug 23 2020 - Sunday Morning at Simpsonwood Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., John B, Rocky M, SusanF, Michelle D, Claudia, Marianna, Gloria Colley, Gerrilyn, Dr. Barbara

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Write Up:

What a celebration it was! My 2000th AOC event couldn't have been better. A group of good friends, surprise signs and posters, a fantastic route through Simpsonwood, and after-hike surprise treats brought by folks on the hike PLUS a special appearance by Dan C. who set a charming picnic table plus cold drinks for us upon our return to the parking lot. (Sneaky Susan orchestrated the festivities - - which even had the poster she created for my 1000th hike. A minor adjustment made it work perfectly for today's 2000th hike. 

John (who knows Simpsonwood better than anyone else I know) graciously agreed to guide our group through some lesser known trails in the park, and he did a great job taking us on several trails none of us had ever seen before. Plus, he somehow arranged for several groups of deer to appear as we made our way through the woods. 

Way too many pictures in this album, but this is what was left after I deleted a bunch. There was so much to capture!

Thanks to all for the memorable celebration! ~ Joyce