Sun, Oct 4 2020 - Pine Mountain to Cooper’s Furnace. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Lee W, Claudia, Rocky M, Dan C, John B, Janet G, Becky D, Adriana Martinez, Dave F

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Write Up:

There was plenty of parking when our group arrived for our 9 am hike, but by the time we returned to our cars, the lot was crowded! Pine Mountain was a popular hiking venue today . . . and no wonder: it was a beautiful day for hiking!

We hiked counter-clockwise around the West Loop and took the Don Archer trail to the summit. From there, we took the East Loop to the Cooper's Furnace Connector trail, which was a most pleasant downhill route. (We returned on the same trail, which provided a challenging, long uphill trek! When we got to Cooper's Furnace we took the road down to the Allatoona Dam before retracing our route up to the East/West connector. We returned to our cars via the long, switchback West Trail loop, managing to get the entire group through Fat Man's Squeeze without anyone getting stuck!

Our route today covered 7.5. miles with close to 1,600 feet of ascent. Both Lee and Dan C. took photos that have been added to the album.  (And, of course, Rocky's group photos are always appreciated.)