Wed, Oct 21 2020 - Wednesday Morning at Vickery Creek - Groveway Park Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Claudia, Gerrilyn, Rocky M, Evy, Richard Sims, Mary D, Dave, Christine Nopper

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Write Up:

t was as disjointed a beginning as one could possibly envision. I was late getting to Groveway Park because I thought today was Monday and Monday always means a 10 am starting time. It wasn't Monday, and the hike was to start at 9 am! As I sped down my driveway at 8:41, I tried to contact participants to let them know I'd be late. I managed to reach Richard, who said he'd keep the group on the ready for me.

I arrived at around 9:07 to find only 6 of the 9 participants present. Evy had ready my erroneous reminder email and planned to arrive for the 10 am departure. Mary, a new-to-me member, was lost and would arrive late. Susan, a new member, was added last night, so she probably didn't know she was on the hike. What to do? I decided to take Group #1 on a 45 minute hike and return to the parking lot for Evy and Mary. This worked! Group #2, with Evy and Mary added, hiked for another hour, returning to the parking lot so that the 9-11 am group could end! In order to give Evy and Mary a full hike, Group #3 went out for yet another hour. Claudia and Christine stayed with us for an extra long D2 event (7.2 miles).

I was humbly grateful that all of the participants understood my scatterbrained morning. I love these people! We saw George Foote and his grandson near the Oxbo Bridge. We exchanged a few words of greeting and took a picture of them! And our hike was blessed by the sighting of two young deer ambling along the road near us. Depending on your attitude toward them, we were also lucky to be inspected by a large crow who checked out our group as we walked along Oxbo Road. ~ Joyce