Sun, Oct 25 2020 - Lullwater Preserve at Emory + Mason Mill Park: Colorful Fall Foliage via exciting Trails & Boardwalks (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Megan H, Fritz Burkey, Gary 'L', Mary Reed, Dan Reed, Luisa Sztern, Tamara, Bill R

Write Up:

  We had a rather unforgettable little adventure together exploring Emory’s huge Lullwater Preserve and portions of Mason Mill Park.  Our route included the shoreline of Candler Lake, the President's Mansion (via an ascent of its huge grassy lawn), the Hahn Woods creek loop, and the steep "natural spring jungle trail" that descends to South Peachtree Creek from the historic Mason Mill House.  Along the way we took the time to admire and discuss nature's delights including lots of colorful fall foliage and a gorgeous great blue heron.  A big high five to everyone in our group and to our fine little companion Jack (Mary & Dan's 14-year-old pooch) for helping “make lemonade out of lemons” despite the hike being more challenging than any of us had bargained for! 
  En route back eastward toward Mason Mill Park we took the rugged under-construction PATH trail extension as far as we could along the north bank of the creek. All of the creekside trails had thick muddy deposits covering them from the recent heavy rains.  Also a huge brushy tree had recently fallen across the PATH extension trail.  After making it through that bottleneck we sadly had to make a U-turn at the usually easy-to-cross sewer-pipe since the pipe was was covered in slick mud and the small creek there was very high. Luckily no one in the group had a tight schedule and I was proud of everyone for bravely taking in stride the need to add a third hour and about an extra mile to our "intrepid adventure."
 It was fun having three brand new members with us: Fritz, Megan’s friend Tamara, and my own friend Bill. Thanks and congrats to them for completing this unusual challenge as their very first AOC event!  Bill was a "fortunate accidental addition" to our roster.  Just before the hike I had run into him sitting near Mary, Dan and me at the excellent "4 Man String Band" outdoor concert at Briarlake Forest's old farmhouse.  Talked him into joining our fine Club and filling our vacant 9th spot for the hike.  – Submitted by Charlie, Mon Oct 26th