Tue, Nov 10 2020 - Roswells Vickery Creek, Covered Bridge, Bleau Family & Old Mill Waterfall (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Joyce T., Lee W, Suzanne, Casey, Michelle D, Paul R, Gloria Colley, Steve F, John B

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Write Up:

We thought we might not be lucky in seeing Bleau today, but there he was by the creek, looking for his morning's meal.

The pace was Russ's usual 6 mph, so we were able to cover just short of 6 miles in our two hour hike. We stopped several times to take classic photo shots throughout the hike and were grateful that the rain held off throughout the morning.

Russ was unable to contribute to this album because his phone is 20 feet underwater, swimming with the fishes in the bottom of a lake. But Lee filled in well, contributing lots of great photos to complete the album. ~ Joyce