Fri, Nov 6 2020 - Cascade Springs Nature Preserve (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Becky D, Michael S, Joseph, Dave, Kim W, Mary Reed

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Write Up:

A cozy little group to introduce to this quiet nature preserve right in the midst of a densely populated are of Atlanta. The outer loop of the park was quite secluded with very few people navigating the sometimes hilly, often heavily rooted trails. The inner section was the more popular area that housed the little springhouse and a large picnic area close to the entrance. We accidentally discovered a "Key Tree" on a trail near the springhouse, thanks to Joseph getting hit in the face by a hanging key. The keys were ornate and beautiful . . . and almost impossible to see unless one happened to walk into them. (The pictures show some, but not all, of the keys.)

The park has historical significance, going back to the Civil War. Holt Ward, your assignment is to research the area, scout it out, and post an AOC hike so that we can all know what those structures are that we saw during out hike. ~ Joyce