Tue, Nov 17 2020 - Roswells Vickery Creek, Covered Bridge, Bleau Family & Old Mill Waterfall (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Joyce T., Lee W, Doug, Suzanne, Steve F, Dave S, LEF, Gloria Colley, Jan T

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Write Up:

The weather was a repeat of yesterday - - but a little bit colder. The sky was cloudless and the trails were clear - - evidence of all the work the CRNRA volunteers have been doing to make sure the trails were passable and safe for hikers. The wind did pick up quite a bit during our hike, and became frankly blustery by the end.

We welcomed Laura, a new AOC member, who joined us for her only her second hike with the club.

It was another fast one. 5.9 miles covered, despite our watchful walk along the river to try to spot Bleau. He must have just been awakening for the day, because he flew out of the trees and down the creek before we could get a picture of him. We also paused for a time as a couple of deer ran close to the trail, evidence that the rut must be starting.

Excellent additions to the album by both Russ and Lee! ~ Joyce