Sun, Dec 6 2020 - Hiking Tripleheader in Oak Grove neighborhood parks, NE metro Atlanta (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Allen, Gerrilyn, Katie B, Kathleen Flynn, Cristina T, C Sypers, Sue, Glenn A, Deborah B

Write Up:

We had a fine time together in the beautiful woodlands of three different DeKalb County parks on this adventurous 2-1/2 hour "Tripleheader" hike.  After exploring Frazier-Rowe Park and its adjoining Coralwood Nature Preserve we drove five minutes eastward to Briarlake Forest and hiked past dozens of gigantic 150-year-old oaks & beeches in the 20 acres surrounding the park's historic farmhouse.  A second short ride took us northward 2 miles to Mary Scott Nature Park where we enjoyed its pretty half-mile loop and a steep creekside spur below two lonely old brick chimneys where a farmhouse once stood.  Had no problem "social-distancing" and paused occasionally to discuss the beautiful native flora & fauna and also the various invasive non-native vines and shrubs.  "Friends of the Parks" volunteer groups are doing a good job controlling the most aggressive "foreign intruders,"  esp. English ivy, Chinese privet and Japanese kudzu & thorny olive (a.k.a. elaeagnus).
  It was fun having four newly active AOC members with us: Cristina, Katie, Allen and Deborah - also Gerrilyn's fine canine companion, Sam! - Submitted by Charlie on Monday, Dec. 7th