Sun, Dec 20 2020 - Sunday at East Palisades (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana
Participants:Diana, Gary 'L', Ron Ramspeck, Mtn Mike, Janet G, Ann C., Stacey

Write Up:

Well I tried to new trail today  -  uphill the whole way but still a trail and well traveled. short walk past a few huge homes on Riverview Road, up a big hill, to the old ranger's home (solid looking, heavy stone but boarded up).  Then I had thought we could find a trail down to the bamboo forest, there seemed to be a trail for a bit but then - I guess I thought wrong becuase a trail was never found.  a bit of bushwhacking but we did make it back down to the river and eventually the bamboo forest.  All hikers did well and were all good sports.  Even with our little adventure we made it back a few minutes early and got in just under six miles.