Wed, Jan 6 2021 - Stone Mountain Around and Up (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): DanR
Participants:DanR, Dawn B, Jean, Bunnie, Joyce T., Shana, Karen A, Charlie Cottingham, Tom, Jeff Gimpel

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Write Up:

A cool clear day greeted our band of ten AOC hikers for an in-town hike of 7 miles at Stone Mountain.  The lake was mirror-smooth and reflected the straight tall trunks of the oaks, pines, magnolias and sourwoods.  Two deer, fluffy white tails raised like flags, unsure of our intent, stepped away, crossed back and retreated, turned again, and finally trotted up a hill to maintain a comfortable distance.  Our circuit on the Cherokee Trail resulted in very few encounters with nature lovers, but a good number shared the walk-up trail with us.