Thu, Oct 8 2009 - Summit Sunset Series #2 - Rabun Bald (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Tony C, Larry Cooper
Participants:Tony C, Larry Cooper, Jana Miles, Bindu, Angela, Masha

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Write Up:
We had a really good little hike up Rabun Bald.  It was about 1.5 miles up from Beegum Gap, but the group hiked south on the Bartram for a bit to extend it.  Then we gathered on the stone tower on the summit to wait for the sunset.  We had about an hour to wait, but we just enjoyed talking and soaking up the views.  It was a really pretty, although somewhat unusual sunset with it setting between some clouds 10 min before the "offical" sunset.  It was very pretty (see pics) and then suddenly the clouds blew over and we had blue sky above us.  We hiked down and just needed our headlamps for a little while...only took about 45 min to get back down and to our cars.