Sat, Jan 30 2021 - West Palisades from Paces Mill (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Claudia, Gerrilyn, Aaron Lee, Shirley W, Caitlin Stark, Lee W, Mike A, Rocky M, Dave

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Write Up:

As we started the temperatures were in the lopw-30s and clouds, by the end of the hike the temperatures were in the high 40s and we thought it was about to start raining, it didn’t. The trail was extremely slick with a lot of large pools of water from the must resent rain. As the temperature warmed up, we only had to content with some very muddy sections of the trail.

One other note, the picture of the elevation is in meters. On my phone it is in feet. I must figure out why it changes from feet to meters when I download it from my phone. The picture of the map of the hike is in miles.