Mon, Feb 1 2021 - Monday Morning at Pine Log Creek Trail with a Double West Loop (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Gerrilyn, Lee W, Janet G, Allan, Doug, Sherrie G, Dan C

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Write Up:

We had the challenge not only of cold and wind, but the trails in places were very muddy. But we warmed up on the ascents and even caught patches of snow as we neared the top of the West Loop. (Don't laugh, it was exciting to see any kind of snow on our hike!) In order to add elevation, we hiked the upper loop of the East Trail back and forth and added a second ascent up and over the West Loop. No one slipped or fell . . . not even Gerrilyn! Or Joyce!

We passed only a few other hikers during our hike, and it was nice to have the ALLIGATOR pond all to ourselves. We took a little time to feed the fish before resuming our hike.

Thanks to Gerrilyn and Lee for the pictures the took during the hike to add to this album. ~ Joyce