Wed, Feb 3 2021 - A Cold Winter Paddle from Azalea Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, William S.

Write Up:

7,000 cubic feet/second...that was the flow rate yesterday on the almighty Hootch! So we (William & me) made an executive decision to paddle up river instead of the projected down & back route listed in the event. The sun was blaring so going upriver was easier on the eyes, but the arms, shoulder, neck and backs were getting WORKED! It was beast mode up to Big Creek where we paddled up as far as we could and came back out to continue upriver until the sun set. We ran in to fellow AOC'er Marina D on he dock and chit-chatted a minute about some up-coming adventures (and to catch our breath)...then it was a SWIFT 12+mph return to Azalea's boat ramp. Heck we returned so QUICKLY we never even needed to turn on our stern lights!!! YAY PADDLE SEASON!!!
p.s. it was NOT even cold out there, especially on the way upriver!!