Mon, Feb 15 2021 - Monday Morning at Powers Island--9:30 START TIME! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Jean, Gerrilyn, Barbara, Marianna, Janet G, Dawn B, James H., Rocky M, Michelle D

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Write Up:

Because rain was expected to arrive by noon, we started our hike a half hour early (9:30 am) so that we could finish before the rain came. That was a good call - - no rain other than a brief mist as we started our hike - - but that didn't guarantee dry trails. The heavy rain overnight soaked the trails, making squishy mud of the red Georgia clay that formed many of the trails. Our boots were ugly!

Because of so much mud on the trails, our pace on some of the ascents and descents was slow. It was nearly impossible to avoid slipping. (One of the group actually did slip to the ground - - unhurt.) This was not the kind of hike we were hoping for! Poles, for those of us who had them, came in mighty handy.

We got back to the parking lot a little early, so half of the group chose to hike the loop around Powers Island before leaving for home. It was surprisingly free of mud, so it was an enjoyable short jaunt. ~ Joyce