Sat, Apr 3 2021 - Unicoi Gap to Brasstown Bald - No carpool (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Steve H
Participants:Steve H, Marcos Rodriguez

Write Up:

Two of us left Unicoi Gap on the AT heading to Brasstown Bald. This was a tough but rewarding day, started off chilly but warmed up nicely with clear sunny Springtime weather. As we started our rocky ascent out of Unicoi on the AT, our blood was pumping and we quickly shed the first layer. Reaching Blue mountain, our first 4K peak of the day we caught some nice views of our objective thought the trees which had yet to gain their leaves. A little farther on, the shelter area was packed with about 30 through hikers preparing to get back on their way. We passed many more on our way to Chatahoochee Gap and the headwaters of the famed Georgia river. Water was flowing abundantly in all the creeks throughout the hike with all the recent rains.

After a short break to refuel, we left the AT and travelled northerly direction on the blue blazed Jacks knob trail. This trail was in great shape and had far fewer travelers. I’ve seen this trail in much worse shape so kudos to the maintainers. We moved quickly until we approached a crew of maintainers from the GA ATC. After a brief conversation, we thanked them for their efforts and reached the GA180 intersection and another quick break before starting the toughest ascent of the day. Over 30 switchbacks and 1,500 ft of ascent we reached the Wolfpen ridge and our second 4K peak, unnamed, and gorgeous views at the overlook. We then proceeded to the Brasstown parking lot and the next challenge the half mile observation trail. This is short paved trail leads to the observation tower and our third 4K summit of the day, Brasstown itself. Here, we enjoyed views, had our lunch and some delightful sports conversation with some other hikers. After dallying far too long, we knew we had to go back and headed back down the way we came. The day warmed so nicely we were in shorts and tshirts by the time we reached back to Our cars. Over 20 miles and 6k ft elevation gain, it was long but thoroughly rewarding day.