Sat, Mar 6 2021 - Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats and Fairy Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Sue M., Joseph Wang
Participants:Sue M., Joseph Wang, Marina, Patricia, Youri Smeshko, Pam Y, Bob B, Francoise, Memphis Russ

Write Up:

Our hike began overcast and in the 40's. We trekked through the Fair Trail, which is maintained by the local girl scout troop. Hiking up to Indian Seats, there were so many engaging conversations, that the summit was reached in no time! Mount Yonah and Blood Mountain could be seen off in the distance although there was still cloud coverage. Our engaging conversations continued as we headed back down the mountain. A stop was taken by the closed-up mine shafts, but no gold was to be found. The bottom was reached with plenty of time to spare. This was Bob's first hike with the AOC! Welcome!