Thu, Mar 4 2021 - Hiking Tripleheader in Oak Grove neighborhood parks, NE metro Atlanta (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Joe Baiyor, Michael S, David W., Maithy, Gloria Colley, Jeanne, Vince O

Write Up:

Had a good time together on this memorable "combo event." The blue-sky mid-60s weather was a special treat, as was the spotting of a couple of large hawks and other birds & wildlife.  After exploring Frazier-Rowe Park and its adjoining Coralwood Nature Preserve we drove 5 minutes eastward to nearby Briarlake Forest where its huge old-growth beeches, oaks, and other interesting trees & plants were spectacular.  Also greatly enjoyed a final half-hour hike at Mary Scott Park after a second short caravan drive.
It was a pleasure to have a young medical student, Vince with us on his first event as a new AOC member...also a bit of a luxury to have just eight in our group, making it easy to get to know everyone.  Submitted by Charlie, Fri Mar 5th