Sun, Apr 11 2021 - Sope Creek Both Sides (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Rocky M, Claudia, Dawn B, Marie-Felixe, Jan T, Marianna, James H., Joyce T., Ev E

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Write Up:

Once again thanks to yesterday’s rain the trails were very muddy and in spots very slick. This time I did not demonstrate how slick they were. Following the trail in a clockwise direction we crossed Sope Creek and hiked to the end of the one-way trail on the east side. Returning to the main trail we followed the trail in a more or less clockwise direction until we got to Sibley Pond did a half counterclockwise loop around it and returned to the parking lot. WE did see eight turtles on a log at Sibley Pond and the water seamed to be flowing fast in Sope Creek.

A special thanks to Ev for joining us on her second hike.