Wed, May 5 2021 - CINCO Chattahoochee Parks in CINCO Hours (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ
Participants:Memphis Russ, JOYCE S., DavidV, Lynn O., Rodi

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Write Up:

“Cinco” Chattahoochee River Parks (Riverside-Allenbrook-Azalea-Wileo-Gold Branch) in “Cinco” Hours for “Cinco” Trekkers over 11.2 Miles on “Cinco de Mayo”!  It was filled with excitement-as we observed Turtles, a Great Blue Heron (Bleau), a wolf looking dog, & poison blueberries(?) (Beale’s Barberry).  1 of us walked the sewer pipe & dipped their feet in the River!  Some of us ate lunch along the River with a beautiful view!  Ya’ll hurry back, real soon!