Wed, Apr 7 2021 - Going with the Flow to the Dam (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Steve Parker, Jenny, Luke Warren, William Schuelke

Write Up:

whatta work out that was...flow was ok at the beginning...but man did it drop off the charts as we neared MF. Matter of fact the boat ramp & dock is closed and there is at least 100' of pillow mud (comprised of the nastiest smelling debris known to man) you have to slog thru to get to shore. Thankfully the gate was down at the boat ramp (even tho it's closed) so we made a fairly easy exit. Luke made a fun lil video of me dropping in for the first run in my new (to me) boat (found here Facebook  ). But it was a great event for all that joined...Luke, Jenny, William and Steve! We even had a Marina and Alexandra sightings on shore :P c-ya'll soon!