Sun, Jul 18 2004 - Mountain biking at Chicopee Woods (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Gene Whitehead
Participants:John Howard, Vitoria Nascimento, Maria Laura Locatelli, Biju Mathew Thomas, Jason Yi, Kevin Misenheimer, Gene Whitehead

Write Up:
We had beautiful weather as 7 of us headed off to ride the 5.5 Walnut Creek loop trail at Chicopee Woods. Our group had a good mixture of riding experience, so everyone was able to ride at their own pace. The trail provided several challenges, especially the climb out, but all agreed that there were plenty of fun parts and the scenery was quite pretty. I even got a glimpse of a deer crossing the trail at one point. After arriving tired but safe back in the parking lot, I cajoled 5 riders into going over to Ag Center for something a bit different. It was also a chance to bid farewell, as the trail will be closed down in August. This trail is bit more of a funhouse, fast with several surprises. We split into two groups, the first bombing off and surely catching some air, while the 2nd proceeded with a bit more relaxed pace. Despite a few physical encounters with trees and the ground during the day we all survived, and hope to do more riding in the future. Kudos to everyone for completing the rides and for a great day.
Written By: Gene Whitehead
Photos From: none