Sat, May 22 2021 - Relaxed Beginner Kayak Paddle on the Chestatee (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allston, Rosemary P
Participants:Allston, Rosemary P, Steven Redmond, Kristi, Desi, Terry S, Henry, Cathy White, Kian, Alicia, Don B, Debbie Connell, Sarahcevers, Annie

Write Up:

What a beautiful day!  We were truly lucky with the weather.  After moving our cars down to the take-out to free the lot at the outfitter, we launched onto the cool, green river, to float leisurely past many a turtle basking in the sunshine.  The group was a lovely mix of beginners and experienced paddlers, and nobody accidentally went swimming - unless you count sitting with all that water in your boat after the little rapids at the end. Everyone else was smart enough to stop and dump their boats, so really that was just TL Rosemary, haha!

They have built changing rooms at the take out, but there was consistently a line for them so there was still a little old fashioned shimmying out of wet clothes while wrapped in a towel beside the car.

Overall a really nice morning - a big thank you to all who signed up!