Fri, Nov 20 2009 - Hiking - Lake Winfield Scott Blood Mtn loop (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Angela, Larry Cooper
Participants:Larry Cooper, Bindu, Roger K, Charlie Cottingham, Irina Pozyvaylo, Bobbi Lehoullier, Bob, Scott Sanders, Lang Stallard, Tony C, Bobby Marie

Write Up:
Great weather, grand vistas, good people, fun trail: what more could you ask for. Only downside was co-leader Angela got called into work at the last minute and had to drop out. She was missed. Charlie Cottingham promptly stepped up to the plate and all was well. Started with 11 hikers and finished with the same 11. Perfect score. Lang did discover how important hydration and electrolites are. Lesson learned. Tony got some great pictures for all to enjoy. Had two new members: Bob and Bobbi Lehoullier. It was their first AOC hike but they are long time GATC hikers and showed us how advanced they are by going up Blood mountain like rabbits. I'm so envious.