Wed, Nov 18 2009 - Midweek Hike: Gold Branch (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Larry Cooper, Rafiq
Participants:Larry Cooper, Bruce, Connie Weber, Rafiq, Jim S, Mandy, Armin, Ira B, Wyi

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Write Up:
Our Sunny forcast turned out to be cool and gray but no rain thankfully. We had four dogs who got along very well and a couple of them enjoyed swimming in the lake. One real treat was a pair of beautifl whit swans came over to visit and preened their feathers asking for food. We only had a couple of bites of a health bar which we shared and they were greatful. Even the dogs were in awe of them and did not bark or try to chase them. We had one impassable trail blockage by a huge tree so we also got in some very steep (root grabbing) bush whacking to get around it. All in all a very pleasant afternoon. Cameras were all left in cars but Wooiyi took pictures of the swan with her cell phone. Not bad. Enjoy.