Sat, Jun 12 2021 - Double Dam :: Buford Dam to Morgan Falls Dam FKT (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, William S.

Write Up:

Flow rates can make or break you! Yesterday's Double Dam was a success, without an FKT, but it was a brutal effort. It was not the longest paddle I have ever done, but it was thee HARDEST! William S. even said he's run marathons that were easier! The flow rate at Buford Dam was 652cfs yesterday when we kicked off, giving way to a mere 1000cfs at it was WORK. I included some stats so you can see the compared efforts and a bridge photo at Settles (feb 2020 and can see the difference in water level). The big run we're planning is Kayaking Camping - from the other side of the Dam at Morgan Falls to Chattahoochee Bend SP (62miles) but we're waiting for high flows and cooler keep an eye out for that one 
if you have FB - photos are there.