Mon, Jul 12 2021 - Monday Morning at East Palisades - Indian Trail Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Lee W, Michelle D, Jan T, Evy, Marie-Felixe, Drew W, Trevor W, Jennifer W

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Write Up:

It was a perfect morning for a hike, except for the very high humidity. The forecast of 55% chance of rain late last night, dwindled to 14% by this morning, and we had either clear skies or overcast skies . . . but not a drop of rain. Although the water level in the river was relatively low, the recent rains did create some muddy trails along the river; but with expert rock hopping and log walking, we were able to keep our boots fairly mud-free.

We picked up a sole hiker on the trail (Catherine) who was trying to get to the bamboo forest, but found the trail she was taking completely blocked by a huge fallen tree. We invited her to tag along with us as we adjusted our planned route to circumvent the obstacle. Catherine even opted for the extra hill up to Riverview Road, though she did separate from us when we got back to the BAH. She took it; we did not.

We got in some good hills (650 feet of gain) and covered almost 5 miles on the hike. Good exercise for this Monday morning! ~ Joyce