Sat, Sep 18 2021 - Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Sue M.
Participants:Sue M., Diana, Joyce T., cindy h, Ann, Dan, Deb R, Brian M, Lisa L, HK, Beth Ash, Shirley N, Tom N, Jack D., Jasmine, Carol, Becky D, Pam Y, Helena F, M

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Write Up:

What an amazing event for the twenty of us who visited Noah's Ark today. Sue arranged a private tour for us before the park opened, so we got some amazing close-up visits of the tigers, lions, bears, and monkeys. We watched Baloo eating an entire pineapple, monkeys doing amazing gyrations for our captive audience, a grizzly and a black bear co-habitating, and so many more beautiful, exotic animals.

Noah's Ark is self-sustaining on the generosity of people and corporations who donate food and money to the rehabilitation center. Thanks to AOC's contributions, we donated $1075 today, as well as an enormous amount of produce and other food items for the animals. (Thank you, AOC members!!)

Our guides, Patty and Jo, provided great information as we toured the facility. It was a great morning to be out, since the cool morning encouraged the animals to approach us for some great photos! ~ Joyce