Sun, Aug 29 2021 - Pine Mountain Triple Summit and Coopers Furnace (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Ron Ramspeck, Jay D, Dawn F, LM, Armin, Antoinette

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Write Up:

More hot fun in the summertime! We worked up a good sweat by the time we reached the David Archer overlook. It was a little hazy for the view, but the breeze was just what the doctor ordered. We forged ahead through rolling elevation to our brunch spot overlooking the dam, then headed down to Cooper's Furnace. We learned about the history of the iron ore operation and the town of Etowah which sprung up around the furnace. After Sherman all but destroyed the town in May 1864, the remnants of Etowah were flooded by the Corps of Engineers to create Allatoona Lake in 1949.

It goes without saying that it was hot and humid, but I'll say it anyway. We refilled our water bottles near the furnace, and we needed every extra drop. We dug deep for our second summit of Pine Mountain, then dug really deep to turn around and go back up the loop - for our third and final summit - when we were so close to the parking lot. Up again we went and were rewarded (finally) with clear views from the overlook. By now the sun was blazing down fiercely, so we took one last glance at the landscape below, then descended back down over the rocky switchbacks to trail's end.

Feeling warm gratitude for our amazing team of hikers who really looked after one another. The kindness and cameraderie will not be forgotten.