Wed, Sep 1 2021 - Hike Up and Over Kennesaw Mountain from Burnt Hickory (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Claudia, Allan, William P, Sherrie G, Rocky M, Angela S., Joyce T., Gloria Colley, Suzanne, Jan T

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Write Up:

With the temperature a little cool, we did introductions at the end of the Pigeon Hill parking lot and started up Pigeon Hill. Angela called and said she was stuck in traffic and would catch up. We did not know we were about to meet Super Woman. As we started down Kennesaw towards the Visitor Center she caught up. She said she had run about 2 miles to catch us (as in up and down Pigeon Hill and Little Kennesaw), having arrived about 15 minutes late. We were impressed. Stopping at the Visitor Center for a break we headed back the way we came. From time to time we had a nice wind blowing making this one of the nicest hikes based on weather we have done in weeks.

A special thanks to William for joining us on his second hike.