Wed, Sep 22 2021 - Kennesaw Mountain Loop (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): DanR
Participants:DanR, Joyce T., Linda D, Mary Reed, Michelle D, Angela S., Gary 'L'

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Write Up:

The question is, were we a hardy group or a foolhardy group? We knew there was a possibility of rain, but we showed up anyway, ready to hike. The pace was far to the right of moderate! (Moderate, I have learned, is a very relative term.) The recent rain made the rocks very wet, so we really had to watch our footing, especially going down the rocks at Little Kennesaw. But we made it without incident.

Gary did his traditional push-up at the Burnt Hickory turnaround, and we began our return route up Pigeon Hill and around the Brumby Trail. The rain began at this point, and continued throughout the rest of the hike. The temperature dropped, prompting Angela and Linda to take the lead and show us what fast is really about!

It was quite a workout, and I'm sure we were all grateful to get into our cars and turn on the heaters. I think we due for some colder temperatures! ~ Joyce