Mon, Sep 27 2021 - Monday Morning at Sope Creek (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Michelle D, Rocky M, Drew W, Lee W, Claudia, Gloria Colley, Dan C, David DeLorme, DavidV, Dawn B, S Mohamed, Val, Jan T, Bobby

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Write Up:

It certainly was a great morning for a hike. There was ample parking at the Sope Creek lot this morning, and very few bikes on the trails. We stuck to the Sope Creek unit today, checking out the ruins on both sides of the river and getting in a few good climbs.

AND, it was Rocky's 300th AOC event! We're so proud of her accomplishments since she joined the club, and we were delighted to celebrate her milestone achievement.

We welcomed Susan M. into the AOC. She was on her second event with us this morning, and she's eager to discover more trails with the club.

Ours was a wonderfully social group today, as evidenced by the friendly conversations throughout the hike . . . . music to my trip-leader ears! ~ Joyce