Mon, Nov 8 2021 - Monday Morning at Simpsonwood Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., John B, Shirley W, Memphis Russ, Lee W, Jorge S, Drew W, Gloria Colley, Greg P, Steve F, Kian, Dan C, DavidV, Bette, Katherine M

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Write Up:

Today was John's last hike with us before he has to return to North Carolina. He guided us through trails none of us had ever seen before . . . a real treat on this beautiful fall day. We'll miss him, but he promises to return in the spring.

We saw deer in several places, but they were very elusive today, preventing us from getting an quality shots. And Joro spiders are still making their presence known throughout the park.

It was great having Shirley with us today on a hike that required some sure footing as we climbed uneven terrain and crossed several creeks. She did just fine!

Thanks to Lee for the pictures he took, which have been added to this album. ~ Joyce