Mon, Oct 11 2021 - Monday Morning at West Palisades from Akers Mill Road Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Drew W, Belinda, Memphis Russ, Yvonne, Evy, Sandy E., David DeLorme, Marie-Felixe, Kian, Dawn B, DavidV

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Write Up:

Our group dwindled to 12 when we started our hike, but we were a fine dozen! David D. made an amazing catch-up after his late start, and Belinda was early despite her car getting sideswiped on the way to the hike. What an awesomely tough group we are!

The trails had dried out quite nicely for out hike, but that long rocky trail up/down the middle of the unit is getting really treacherous! There are so many loose rocks, holes, and slippery patches that it's amazing we got through the section (both ways) without any falls.

Today's photos were taken with my new iPhone 13 Pro. I'm going to have to learn some of the special features of the phone camera, but focusing and snapping is really easy. Unfortunately, because of the size of each photo, uploading them to Facebook takes a lot of time. (Guess I need a new computer now.) ~ Joyce