Sat, Oct 23 2021 - Saturday Afternoon from Powers Island to Cochran Shoals (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Lee W, Dan R, Linda C, Steve F, Ellie H, Barry Polon, Beth W, Neil, Jennifer W, Allan, Beatriz, Gary 'L'

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Write Up:

A rare, Saturday afternoon hike proved to be appreciated by this group of hikers. The temperature had warmed up from the morning chill, but not to the level of discomfort. The trails on both sides of the river were nice and dry, so no mud on our boots today!

We welcomed two newbies into the AOC on today's hike - - Beth, on her 7th event, and Beatriz on her 2nd. We enjoyed their company on the hike.

One of the trails we took on a long downhill turned out to be blocked at the bottom by an enormous tree . . . so we had to retrace our path back UP the long hill - - all included in the price of the hike! :-) Everyone was great about taking the extra elevation in stride.

Upon returning to the parking lot, Barry announced that his keys were locked in his car! A Sandy Springs policeman cruising by offered to call a towing service, but Joyce suggested calling AAA instead! Just before AAA answered the phone, Dan tried the door on Barry's car to find that Barry hadn't even locked his car! So keys were there, and AAA wasn't needed! A happy ending!

Many thanks to Lee for all of the photos he added to the album! ~ Joyce