Fri, Nov 5 2021 - Zig Zag Hike of Cochran Shoals - Interstate North (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Bobby, Luisa Sztern, Dawn B, Gary G, Barbara L., Kian

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Write Up:

It was cloudy and with cooler temperatures and warned up nicely by the end of the hike. With everyone arriving we did introductions, by the restrooms. With fans arriving early for the Parade for the World Series Champion Braves I asked if anyone would object to me cutting some distance and time off the event to finish early. A unanimous vote agreed. We proceed toward the trails on the side of the river toward the Columns Dr Parking Lot, passed the lot on the right and continued around until we met the main trail again. We still did 4.5 miles in 1.67 hours at a 2.7 mph pace. Wendy Hill Road only had a few people on it at the start of the event. By the end of the event a lot of people were walking toward the Station on Wendy Hill Road.

A special thanks to Gary for joining us on his sixth event.