Sat, Nov 6 2021 - Up and Over Kennesaw Mountain than Around the Base to the New Salem Church Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Paula J, Skye, Madie A, Lynne, Lisa Gl, Carol N

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Write Up:

Starting with a chilly day and lots of layers we did introductions in the Pigeon Hill Parking Lot. From there we headed up Pigeon Hill, by the saddle between Pigeon Hill and Little Kennesaw we started delayering. By the time we got to the top of Little Kennesaw the final layer came off. As we came down Little Kennesaw, we passed the first of six church groups carrying Crosses to raise money for the Catholic Seminary, see pictures. They were going from the Visitor Center to the Cutoff trail at the bottom of Little Kennesaw to Camp Brumby trail and back to the Visitor Center, 5.5 miles, carrying their crosses. We passed the sixth group as we crossed Mountain Drive. After a quick break to enjoy a beautiful day from the Top of Kennesaw Mountain we headed down the mountain. From there a quick stop at the Visitor Center, around Camp Brumby Trail to the New Salem Church Trail, and back to the parking lot via the Noses Creek Trail. Several members of today’s hike had never hiked these trails before. This was an absolutely great day to hike.

A special thanks to Madie, Lynne, and Carol for joining us on their first hike, Paula and Skye for joining us on their second hike, and Lisa for her ninth hike.