Sat, Nov 27 2021 - Sweet Water Creek YOBOY Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Greg P, Gary G, Kelli B., Joan I, Sarah C, Peggy, Vaishnavi Pattabiraman

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Write Up:

Typical late November day, a bit cold to start, fortunately no wind, nice and comfortable hiking weather at the end. We did introductions at the Parking Lot. Then followed the Yellow Trail to the Orange Trail than did the Blue Trail Loop back to the Orange Trail. From there we followed the Orange Trail to the Orange Trail Loop and turned left on the Yellow Trail. We detoured briefly to look at the New Manchester Mill Ruins from the west side of Sweetwater Creek and returned to the Parking Lot. We encountered only one runner until we got back to the Yellow Trail. From there on people were out and the parking lot was full when we returned. Several of the members had never hiked Sweetwater before and this was a chance for them to enjoy the east side of this beautiful park.

I would like to thank Joan for joining us on her first hike, Kelli and Sarah for joining us on their second, and Gary for joining us on his seventh hike.

Mike C