Fri, Nov 26 2021 - Last Minute Sope Creek Both Sides (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Rocky M, Claudia, Tim H, Karin, Jan T, Marianna, Lori B, Mark W

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Write Up:

A cool morning to start the hike. After introductions we crossed Sope Creek and started hiking to the end of the one-way trail on the east side when a member tripped over a branch and hurt her shoulder. She decided to wait for us to return to see how see felt. Upon our return she could not move her arm. She had carpooled to the event with another member. This member went back and got her car while the rest of the group stayed with her. The good news from this member is that the ER Doctor (and I am writing this with her permission) says she only has a tiny crack to the humerus. She has her arm in a sling and will be seeing an Orthopedic Doctor next week. The ER Doctor feels it should heal in a sling. She will send me updates when she has more information. As for the rest of the hike it was uneventful. By the end of the hike it had warmed up and was great for hiking.

A special thanks Tim for joining us on his third.