Wed, Dec 1 2021 - Roswells Old Mill Waterfall, Covered Bridge & Vickery Creek - CRNRA (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ
Participants:Memphis Russ, Dan R, Richard Sims, Karen, DavidV, Neil, Jeff Gimpel, Kian, Drew W, Marlene, Marie, Dan C, Steve F, Dirk, Kelli B.

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Write Up:

What fun we had today!  Kelli surprised me right off the bat.  All of us had been trying to get past the waitlist & she found our last opening 45 minutes before start time.  We love showing newbies our magic Tree Trunk for the 1st time.  Wow, & 1st time for us to allow a 4-legged trekker.  It was a well welcomed change.  Marie came with her Stella, a beautiful white-haired retriever.  Stella  was an attractive well-mannered addition to our event.  Marie, any time you need a sitter, we have 2 empty seats at the table & a spare bedroom with twin beds for her & her significant other!  Well, another great 5.5 miles in 2 hours.  Ya’ll hurry back, real soon!