Tue, Dec 21 2021 - Welcome Winter! Solstice Sunrise and Cherokee Trail Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Ron Ramspeck, Suzy McDonald, Shir K., Luz Maria, DanR, Tom, Uma

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Write Up:

Ol' Man Winter greeted us immediately with temps in the 30's as we gathered at the base of the mountain. We adjusted gloves, hats, and layers and started up the trail. Head lamps were unneccessary in the morning twilight. We were warmed by the climb, but as we reached the top, the winds picked up and we were buffeted about by heavy gusts. Reaching the shelter of the cable car tower, we "watched the sunrise" (i.e., observed a slight brightening of the sky to the overcast east) before heading back through the wind tunnel and then down into the woods.

We picked up the Cherokee Trail and got about halfway around before we were yet again reminded - by some light precipitation - that yes, Winter is here. The chilly rain dampened our hats but not our spirits. We marched ahead, enjoying pleasant conversation and hearty laughter, to return to our starting point and then back to indoor life. For a while.

Deer crossing the road,

Trotting on long slender legs

Hushed, we watch and wait.