Tue, Jan 4 2022 - Roswells Vickery Creek, Covered Bridge, Bleau Family & Old Mill Waterfall (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ
Participants:Memphis Russ, Michelle D, Lee W, Kian, Richard Sims, Gary G, Lynda R., Dawn B, Tim H, Jon D., Steve F, Joyce T., Mtn Mike

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Write Up:

Great 2022 trekking start at Vickery Creek.  Gary joined us for his 1st time at Vickery.  Gary will need hurry back as our Magic Tree Trunk was flooded.  However, the Treasure Chest in it is heavy so, it should still be intact! 😊 Oh my, was Bleau ever ready for his New Year’s photo shoot?  Joyce got so close to him, I thought she might give him a late New Year’s kiss.  However, he looked to be a little nervous & shivering too much or was he just cold?  Possibly, Bleau has never been kissed by a pretty lady before?  Well, we all made it back together & will miss misbehaving Kian on my future treks… 😊 Joyce, Lee & I have posted a few action shots. 😊 Ya’ll hurry back, real soon!