Sat, Jan 22 2022 - Kennesaw Mountain Noses Creek Plus (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Richard S., Patti W, Anusha, Dan M, Robin Mc, Amy, Tim H, Mike S, Mike C, Doug

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Write Up:

The weather was cold and sunny as we started. Once we started hiking, we found the crisp winter air refreshing. The heavy rain from Thursday was still visible in some spots.

We headed down Noses Creek Trail, turned right on Hardage Trail, and crossed Whitlock Ave. We turned around at the intersection of the John Ward Connector Trail and Cease Fire Trail. Heading back, we followed the Noses Creek to The new Salem Church Trail, took the Camp Brumby Trail to the Pigeon Hill Cutoff Trail back to the parking lot. After passing new Salem Church we saw the flags the Park Service had put out with the new route of the New Salem Church Trail and saw them again on the Pigeon Hill Cutoff Trails, see pictures. It is my understanding that an archaeologist with a lidar scanner should approve the trail in August. I will post updates on Facebook when I receive them.

A special thanks to Robin for joining us on her second hike, Dan on his third hike, and Patti for her fifth hike.