Mon, Jan 24 2022 - Wintertime Splendor at Frazier-Rowe Park & Coralwood Nature Preserve (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Joyce T., Jonny, Rob B., Suzanne B., Emily Abernathy, Gloria Colley, Dan M, Robin Mc, Martha Mock

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Write Up:

  We had a good time together on this leisurely but adventurous hike in these two adjoining heavily wooded parks in DeKalb's Oak Grove community.  The weather was ideal for January - in the comfortable 50s with a clear blue sky.   Click "Click for Album" above to view Joyce Taaffe's 50+ excellent photos of the event.
  We began with a circuit of Frazier-Rowe's colorful entrance garden - then continued via the creekside loop trail into the Coralwood preserve.  Along the way we were treated to a memorable close encounter with a juvenile hawk that patiently remained perched on the lower branch of a tree - see Joyce's nice close-up shot.  After exploring Coralwood we enjoyed a ~1/2 mile sidewalk circuit of the pretty surrounding neighborhood, then returned to the cars via more of the winding wooded trail network at Frazier-Rowe.

  Along the way we paused often to discuss the colorful native flora & fauna and also the various invasive non-native vines and shrubs.  "Friends of the Parks" volunteer groups are doing a good job controlling the most aggressive of these "foreign intruders,"  esp. English ivy, Chinese privet, Japanese kudzu & thorny elaeagnus.
  It was fun having Emily with us on very first AOC hike  - also two very nice couples: Rob & Suzanne and Dan & Robin, who only recently became active themselves in our fine Club.
  Joyce - as always it was a Joy to have you Join us!  Thanks for sharing your custom-edited Facebook photo album that captures our entire shared experience as you so reliably do after each Club outing.  - Submitted by Charlie Tue Jan 25th.

p.s.  Thanks also to Joyce for these kind comments about the outing that she posts atop her above-linked Facebook photo album:
The afternoon was perfect for a leisurely walk through Frazier-Rowe Park and Coralwood Nature Preserve with the added bonus of an urban hike through a nearby neighborhood. Charlie mentioned that he lived just a stone's throw from the park and was active in helping to maintain it. The trails were pretty, with lots of plants and flowers to see. Charlie educated us about some of the invasive plants and other features of the park. It was great to see some new faces - - Donal and Robin, and Emily (on her first AOC event), as well as seeing Johnny and Martha who've been away from AOC hikes for a while.