Sat, Jun 18 2022 - Adventure - Swim - Play - Wild Blueberries - Carpools (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana, Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Diana, Dolores H, Marina, Greg Walling, Mildred, Brian S, Joanna B, John, Sharmily, Gary G, Judith M

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Write Up:

Not as many blueberries as last year. We were a week or two early. There were hundreds of green blueberries. That said everyone was able to sample eight to ten. Those that brought quart and gallon bags did leave disappointed. The weather was great, the hike toward the falls was as close to perfect as you could ask for, on the return trip you could feel the heat and humidity.

The issue we had crossing the first falls last year was not a problem due to lower water levels. We proceeded to the second falls where we took about a 50-minute break. Next time I am being told it should be an hour and a half due to how much we all enjoyed it. There were only about a quarter the number of people that were there last year giving us lots of room below the first falls to put our gear and have lunch.

Eight of us went to the Bunker Observation Tower after the end of the hike. We walked up the 62 steps putting us at 2,407 feet, the highest point in Alabama. The other item of interest was that three members asked me to do this event in the winter. No blueberries or swimming, but to go to Lake Chinnabee, about a 10-mile hike. I am looking at a December or January date.

Thanks to Joanna how joined us for her third AOC event.